We are a community of living faith bound together by our love of Jesus Christ, and our desire is to make his love known to those we meet, both within our village and beyond.
A church is believed to have existed in Cuckfield for over a thousand years, and our beautiful church stands as a sign and constant reminder, to all who see and visit it, that God’s love is constant and abiding.
Please do explore our website and, better still, know that if you visit us you will receive a warm welcome at Holy Trinity, at any of our services or events.

Rev. Michael Maine, Vicar of Cuckfield

Latest News

Christmas Services here at Holy Trinity are always popular. Full details of this year's festivities can be found here
Charitable Collections Visit the Church Porch for details of 2 ways you can help. We're collecting Men's socks (new) for detainees in the Gatwick immigration centres (via MU), and jars of change (for buying chickens) for orphans in Zimbabwe ( via Tariro UK).
Samara's Aid invites us to show our love for refugees in Syria this season by buying and donating women's sanitary and hygiene toiletries (lists of items, and bags to contain each person's kit, are available from members of the Outreach Committee) or children's wellies (many go barefoot in the winter snows). Deliveries to the church by 25th January, please.
Recent Services can now be followed from the comfort of your home! You can re-read sermon transcripts, listen to whole services, and see some pictures! All these can be accessed from our Recent Services page.
Surplus Christmas Trees from the Festival are now available, until Wednesday 13th December. Yours for a donation to Festival proceeds!

Prayer Requests

Prayer Cycle – 14 December

Today we pray for Wycliffe Bible Translators, Pastoral Care in our church, Homelessness & Pastoral Support, those who commute from Cuckfield and all who live in Ledgers Meadow. (To see all prayer requests, click on Welcome/Prayers at the top)

Prayer Cycle – 13 December

Today we pray for St. Georges, Baghdad and Canon Andrew White, Friends of Delhi Brotherhood, our mission giving and all who live in The Copse area. (To see all prayer requests, click on Welcome/Prayers at the top)

Prayer Cycle – 12 December

Today we pray for Friends of Calcutta Cathedral, Sunday’s Cool and the crèche, and all who live in Barrowfield and Polestub Lane. (To see all prayer requests, click on Welcome/Prayers at the top)

Thought for the Month

"Oh how can virgin fingers weave
A covering for the void,
How can my fearful heart conceive
Gigantic solitude?
How can a house so small contain
A company so great?
Let in the dark,
Let in the dead,
Let in your love tonight."

from Kathleen Raine's 'Northumbrian Sequence, 4'