We are a busy, friendly family church that loves and accepts everyone.
It doesn’t matter how young or old you are - if you are a doubter, enquirer or even a saint – you are always welcome to any of our worship or events as we explore living faith through Jesus Christ.
We have great provision for children and young people every Sunday, but we're equally happy to hear and see them in church!
Please explore further. We would love to see you.

Joyfully Serving Jesus

Latest News

Recent Services can now be followed from the comfort of your home! You can re-read sermon transcripts, listen to whole services, and see photos. All these can be accessed from our Recent Services page.

June’s lunchtime recital features classical guitarist Paul Gregory. Friday 4th May, refreshments from 12.30, music starts at 1 p.m. As always, entry is free and donations are welcome!

Space for Grace starts Wednesday 6th June at 6.30 p.m. A short opportunity for biblical reflection and beautiful silence, in Church. Runs every other week until 18th July.

Cake and Questions (our monthly open house for conversation about life and faith) is on Wednesday June 13th 8-9.30pm in The Old School. Join in, just listen or bring a question – and enjoy the cake. Our starter question will be “The Royal Wedding sermon – a step too far?”

Prayer Requests

Prayer Cycle – 25 May

Today we pray for The Inter Diocesan West Africa Link (especially the Church in Cameroon), Cuckfield branch of the Royal British Legion, the Sussex Church Bells Restoration Fund and all who live in Chatfield Road and the Brambles. (To see all prayer requests, click on Welcome/Prayers at the top)

Prayer Cycle – 24 May

Today we pray for The Sudan Church Association (and the Episcopal Church of Sudan), Houses into Homes, Warden Park Academy and all who live in Old Park Close and Warden Court. (To see all prayer requests, click on Welcome/Prayers at the top)

Prayer Cycle – 23 May

Today we pray for all carers and the Carers National Association, St. George’s Church, Baghdad, & Canon Andrew White, Holy Trinity Primary School and all who live in London Lane. (To see all prayer requests, click on Welcome/Prayers at the top)

Thought for the Month

“Jesus’ shameful death on the cross has radically redefined the very notions of power, empire, kingdom and lordship; but his resurrection has radically reaffirmed them all, albeit in this radically redefined form. Perhaps, after all, that is at the root of the rejection of resurrection in so much liberal protestant theology: Easter would blow the lid off the Enlightenment settlement in which the church looked after ‘spirituality’ while allowing the politicians and imperialists to run the world.”

N.T. Wright, ‘Paul and the Faithfulness of God’ (2013)