Welcome to Little Ones!

We are a group who meet on the first Tuesday of each month. The group is for pre-school age children, babies and their carers. We meet at 11.00am in the vestry behind the organ for 30 minutes for songs, stories and a chat. We are also joined by a wonderful team of students from Warden Park Academy who are part of a kindness committee team at the school.

Little Ones starts with a welcome followed by singing happy birthday to those who have had or have got a birthday in that and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. In the last few months we wished one of leaders a very happy significant birthday and two of our little ones had their first birthday.

A story is then told by Alison who is helped by Fluffy the cat. Alison either chooses a story from the bible or a story with a message such as being kind to one each other and learning to listen. Each story encourages the children to be involved and join in with the actions.

After that, we sing some songs and play action games. In recent months the children have enjoyed getting to know the song Jesus Love is very wonderful”. Finally we all say a prayer before we sit down to have a chat and a well deserved drink and biscuit provided by our team from Warden Park.

For further details about Little Ones please contact Catherine on 07775 983283.