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Thursday is Day 5 of Holy Week – Passover Day! Follow the day’s story and activities through the videos and audio clips below:
Passover Day
Get ready to wash some feet!
The story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet
Get ready for The Last Supper!
The story of The Last Supper
Wednesday is Day 4 of Holy Week – Perfume Day! Listen to the story to find out why:
Tuesday is Day 3 of Holy Week – Parable Day! Listen to the story to find out why:
Monday is Day 2 of Holy Week – Pigeon Day! Listen to the story to find out why:
Watch this video to see Helen introduce Holy Week for us!
Open up this activity guide which will help you join in the Palm Sunday story, as you enjoy the 6-part video dramatisation below!
Did you know, every donkey has a cross on their back as a mark of their part in Jesus life? Dorcas, in the videos below, has a very dark cross. That’s really cool, don’t you think?
Palm Sunday – part 1
Palm Sunday – part 2
Palm Sunday – part 3
Palm Sunday – part 4
Palm Sunday – part 5
Palm Sunday – part 6