The ‘Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Holy Trinity Cuckfield’ (known as ‘Holy Trinity Church Cuckfield’ for short) is a United Kingdom registered charity (No. 1131432.) The role of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is to promote in the parish the whole mission of the Church – pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. As Charity Trustees, PCC members are responsible for ensuring the Parish delivers these charitable outcomes while remaining solvent and well-run.

Active involvement in the PCC is encouraged. The PCC includes 12 Lay Members each elected for a term of three years at the Annual Parochial Church Meetings held in April; some who are members by their position (the Clergy, Readers and Churchwardens); and some through their membership of the Diocesan or Deanery Synods (to which they have been separately elected).

The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Electoral Roll Officer and Parish Safeguarding Officer are officers elected by the PCC.

The 2018 Annual Parochial Church Meeting (and Annual Parish Meeting for the election of Churchwardens) was held at 11:30am on Sunday 22nd April in The Old School, Cuckfield. The 2017 Annual Report and Accounts is a summary of parish life presented at that meeting.

For further information on the activities of the PCC and on how to be nominated for election to it please contact the PCC Secretary, David Thunder.

Current PCC Members

Revd Michael Maine (Vicar)

Clive Simmonds

Kate Berry
Brian Cutler

Deanery Synod:
Eileen Knight
Rod Montague (Parish Safeguarding Officer)
Valerie Poxon
Isobel Simmonds

Laity Members:
    Retiring April 2019:
Jill Brotherton
John Maher
Philip Richings
Alyona Smith

   Retiring April 2020:
Jonathan Berry
Jim Knight
David Thunder (Honorary Secretary)
Hilary Turner-King

   Retiring April 2021:
Orlando Milford (Honorary Treasurer)

Other Officers:
Sam Lawrence (not on PCC) (Electoral Roll Officer)

School Foundation Governors

The PCC approves nominations of Foundation Governors to the Holy Trinity CE(A) Primary School Governing body, for appointment by the Diocesan Board of Education:

  • Diocesan Foundation Governors (2 posts) are recommended to the Diocesan Board of Education by the PCC;
  • PCC Foundation Governors (5 posts) are appointed by the PCC with the approval of the Diocesan Board of Education;
  • The Vicar of Cuckfield is the eighth and ex officio Foundation Governor.

Certain of the posts are reserved for parents or guardians of a child registered at the School.

If you would like to consider applying to be a Foundation Governor please discuss this with the Chair of Governors or the PCC Secretary in the first instance and then download the Information Sheet and Nomination Form. Governors will normally be expected to be regular attendees, at least monthly, at their local church. While Communicant Anglicans are preferred, strong consideration will be given to those who can demonstrate their commitment to their local church in other ways; and practising members from other Christian congregations (that is churches affiliated to ‘Churches Together in Britain and Ireland’ or ‘The Evangelical Alliance’) are also eligible to be appointed as Foundation governors; and the Diocese welcomes the opportunity to work with other Christian Churches in this way.

The Diocese is also happy to accept nominations from those who do not meet the above criteria if there are reasons in terms of the needs of the school and the skills of the person nominated that are made clear in the application. Each application will be considered on its own merit.