June 2020

Do you not see, beloved, how boundless God’s blessings are?

Dear Friends,

In this strange new world we find ourselves exploring, people have found new blessings. Many will have enjoyed watching the wonder of awakening nature as Spring and Summer unfold before their eyes. There has been the chance to stop and think, and even to read, although Bishop Martin admitted at a Rural Deans’ meeting I attended via Zoom recently that he hadn’t yet managed to do the latter yet – I was glad to hear that, because the same is true of me. There are so many books on the shelves I really do want to explore!

At the same time, we know that there are frustrations and great anxieties, together with many people experiencing vastly different situations; the rise in mental ill-health, the unfolding crisis of unattended health issues quite apart from the pandemic itself. Even if we ourselves are coping reasonably well, we will, I am sure, all wonder how, when or if there will be any return to what we regarded as normal life just a few short months ago.

These anxieties are all justified, yet I always remember the words of a parishioner in Willingdon who used to say of people she knew who were suffering crises within their lives, ‘If only they could count their blessings.’ It sounds a rather ‘pat’ or even trite saying yet actually points to the heart of understanding our Faith. 

We enter the long Season of Trinity on the first Sunday in June, and this period affords us the opportunity to reflect of God, whose might, power and majesty is revealed within our humanity through self-giving Love on the Cross. This in turn leads us to experience the life-giving fire of the Holy Spirit. Our Trinitarian lives draws us to know that we are never alone but journeyed with every step of the way with a profound love beyond our imagining.

Boundless blessings, indeed.

With my love and best wishes,