Interested in life’s big questions? Cake and Questions is Holy Trinity’s monthly open house for anyone who is interested in sharing ideas about life and faith. Everyone is welcome to join in, listen or bring a question. It’s a place to speak freely and in confidence, to share joy, wonder, doubt, uncertainty and laughter.

There is no agenda apart from the new starter question each month. The participants decide the direction of the conversation.

Cake and Questions is not intended to provide answers but to help us all move forward in our spiritual lives. We can all learn from sharing ideas and conversation. In Deuteronomy we read that the Israelites were told to talk about spiritual things all the time. St Paul reminded the Corinthians that we change as we grow from childish thinking to mature adulthood.

No subject is too simple or too controversial. Sometimes we find we have new questions about faith or old ones that become more persistent. All viewpoints are welcomed and valued.

Join in the conversation, bring a question or just listen – and enjoy the cake.

When? Monthly at 8-9.30pm on dates to be announced
Where? The Old School, Cuckfield
What?  At the moment, our starter questions are ones people asked Jesus.

Cake and questions is resting at the moment. We hope to restart after Christmas.

Drop in when you like for as long as you like, just listen, join in the conversation or bring a question.

For more information (or to suggest a starter question; we’re always eager for fresh ideas) email or phone Jonathan Berry (07854 682171)