Why do 2 billion people world-wide still follow a dissident executed 2,000 years ago?

Why do two billion people worldwide still follow a dissident executed 2,000 years ago?

Join us as we share food and explore why faith in Jesus Christ ….
…. is the most exciting journey in life.
… can transform the world.
… can be relevant today.

Why? is an introduction to the Christian faith for enquiring minds. The Bible is seen as literature and considered in the light of its historical and social context. Come and join the conversation. All questions are welcome and none are too
controversial or trivial. We invite you to explore your own faith questions in a friendly and welcoming environment.

The programme looks like this:-
Sept 23rd: What is faith? & Who was Jesus?
Sept 30th: The Bible Jesus Knew – the Old Testament
Oct 7th: The New Testament
Oct 14th: Jesus’ teaching: Abba, Love, Forgiveness, the Kingdom of God
Oct 21st: Truth confronts power – The Showdown in Jerusalem. Resurrection
Oct 28th: How do we respond? The Christian life

The Old School Committee Room

Start 7pm – finish before 9pm

For catering we need to know numbers and dietary requirements.
Please email Why@holytrinitycuckfield.org to book a place – or take a chance and come without booking.