Holy Trinity Primary School

The Summer Term is now well under way and we are continuing to support over 30 families at our local Primary School.

The response from our congregation and local community has been tremendous and is making a real difference to those suffering through circumstances beyond their control during these unprecedented times. Generous donations of food, money and household goods have enabled staff and volunteers to collate and distribute much needed supplies to those most in need.

Donations of fresh fruit and vegetables are particularly welcome, ensuring that children have access to a healthy diet, so important for their wellbeing and learning.
Please bear in mind that the food is usually distributed on a Tuesday. Eggs, cheese, butter, packaged cold meats/ham/bacon generally keep well. Chicken, meat, sausages, mince and bakery products are very welcome provided they have a reasonably long use by date so please check before delivering. All donations may be left at 27 Mytten Close and non-perishable goods may also be left in the church Tower. For all enquiries, or if you require goods to be collected, please phone me on 01444 617158.

Jane Coan

Bewbush Academy

I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given us, I’m only sorry I don’t get to thank you all in person. The other day I managed a quick estimate  –  I think we must have given out at least 600 food parcels to families in Bewbush and the surrounding area of Crawley since we started up last summer. What an achievement but how sad that it has been needed.

So what do I stick in a food parcel? Well I’ve fine-tuned it now. Each parcel is just about enough to feed a family of four for a couple of days. I’ll include a couple of meals, for example ingredients to make a tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake along with a Frey Bentos pie, instant mash and peas. Some cereal, fruit juice, long-life milk and jam does for breakfast. It’s beans on toast for lunch (minus the toast as bread doesn’t keep especially well in my garage!). I will add in some tinned fruit and custard if I have it, or maybe some instant whip. Admittedly it isn’t the most nutritious of food parcels but it keeps well and it does the trick! When I can, I top it up with fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Just recently I’ve started adding packets of fairy cake mixes. I’d been given one and a mum told me she and her daughter had really enjoyed making them together and I thought that was lovely. 

So thank you so much to all those who have dropped a carrier bag off on my doorstep, have stuck an envelope with some money through my letterbox or transferred something to the school’s bank account. How amazingly generous you have all been and what a difference you have made.

How can you help?

Donations of food or cash can be dropped off at my home: 8 Leyton Lea. Bank transfers can also be made directly to the school’s bank account. Please could you label it “Foodbank” or let me know, so we can make sure it is properly distributed:  

Sort Code: 309238   
Account Number: 54749260   
Account Name: The Bewbush Academy

Rebecca Anderson